Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pamphlet for congregations is now available

What began as a brief hiatus from posting on this blog turned into a lengthy one – it is high time for us to become active again, as we have a great deal to share. Our book will be going into a second printing, but unfortunately there are no current plans for a paperback edition, so it remains more expensive to purchase than we would wish. Because of this (and because some folks report that they found some portions of the book a bit challenging to read), John recently wrote a short pamphlet titled Aging, Dementia, and the Faith Community: Continuing the Journey of Friendship. As the title suggests, it is designed as a resource for congregations. It is lighter on “theory” than our book, focusing largely on practical ways in which congregations can include and support members journeying into memory loss and their care partners. It also incorporates some of the work we have been doing since the book was published, particularly on establishing community programs for persons with dementia, their care partners and their friends. Because we want to make this resource available to as many persons and congregations as possible, John has arranged for the Ekklesia Project to make it available as a free download on their website. It can be found here. Printed copies are available in quantity from the publisher for one dollar – please contact us if you would like to order copies. We look forward to your comments!

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